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ecofriendly philosophy

Parco Naturale del Lago di Candia

-    In the bathrooms there aren’t courtesy kits. All bathrooms have dispenser for hand-soap, for shampoo and shower soap and this allow us to reduce the plastic waste, saving hundreds of bottles which would otherwise end up in landfill.
Shampoo and soaps, fromthe best natural brands, are biodegradable and have only naturals ingredients.

-    We do the towel- and bed sheets-washing in the house laundry, to guarantee water and energy saving and the use of, natural and biodegradable detergents, locally-sourced and allergen-free.

-    We promote the separate collection of rubbish at home.
We try to minimize upstream the quantity of waste, self-producing what it’s possible like bread, biscuits and marmalade and doing selective purchases to reduce the quantity of packaging.
By using the kitchen vegetable waste we make our own organic compost for the garden.

-    We consume fresh ingredients, purchasing them what we can’t produce from local farmers and producers, over imported ones that travel hundreds or thousands km to arrive on our table.

-    We use water responsibly at home and  water-saving devices on taps, shower heads and toilets were installed in all bathrooms.
The rainwater is collected from all the roof gutters in a underground tank and it is used to water the lawn and vegetable garden.

-    To conserve electricity at home, in all the rooms there are low-energy light bulbs and we use energy-efficient appliances (class A or better)

-    For the domestic hot water we chose to install the solar thermal panels on the roof. The house's heating is integrated with a fireplace.

-    During the restoration of the farmhouse we have installed double-glazed windows and thermal insulation panels in the new walls, in order to reduce heat loss of the house. The structural interventions have been implemented reusing , when possible, materials and building components of the old house. The surfaces have been treated as much  as possible with water-based products (e.g. paints and varnishes without solvent for walls) and we have choose the wood for the construction of the ceiling in the ancient barn.

-    The furniture and decor take into account of the same principles. They have been created in the atelier of Officina del Riuso Artistico with eco-sustainable materials as découpage, stencil, acrylic paints, water-based varnish, oil and natural resins, playing an important decorative and protective role, natural-based to guarantee health and safety in the house.
All materials that can be recovered, enter in the atelier  Officina del Riuso Artistico, where they will have a new life with a new use

-    The curtains, blankets, sheets, and bath towels are in natural material as cotton.

-    We promote sustainable tourism, environmentally conscious, supporting the initiatives that encourage and preserve the tradition of a territory.

Parco Naturale del Lago di Candia